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Our talented team have many years of experience, too many to mention in some case. Each of us has our own speciality as well has having a depth of accessibility knowledge. We are digitally nomadic, with staff working remotely and throughout New Zealand as client needs dictate. If you’d like to Join us we are always interested to hear from talented professionals, even if we are not actively recruiting.

Dr Chandra Harrison

Managing Director

Chandra’s first paying job in digital accessibility, 20 years ago, was an evaluation of a low vision reading aid then she moved to the UK to do a PhD. She worked in digital agencies in London as well as contracting for the likes of Qualcomm, Nokia, Vodafone, Deustch Bank and the BBC. Chandra was also the Accessibility representative and President of the UK User Experience Professionals Association for many years.

Chandra returned home to NZ in late 2014 after 11 years travelling the world helping people understand and implement user experience and accessibility. A published author, lecturer and conference organiser, Chandra also worked with BLVNZ on the #AltTextForAll campaign. She is now the Managing Director of Digital Accessibility for Access Advisors, an initiative of Blind and Low Vision NZ, helping organisations understand and implement digital accessibility.

Kevin Prince

Senior Accessibility Consultant

Kevin has been working in accessibility since 2006, initially one on one with blind and low-vision clients at the RNZFB. He has consulted on a variety of platforms, web, desktop, mobile and takes a holistic view of accessibility – it is so much more than screen readers. Kevin is a details person and thrives on helping people find problems and solutions.

Kevin has spoken at events around New Zealand and served on many committees in the disability space. He was also part of the team developing the IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies qualification and brought accessibility knowledge to NZQA testing qualification development. Kevin was one of the original access advisors before there even was Access Advisors.

Sandrine Perenes

Digital Accessibility Engineer

Sandrine has been building a career in Front-End development for over 15 years, focused on providing prowess in user experience and code quality, while at the same time being a strong advocate for accessibility and best practices.

Originating from France, she left in 2008, where she lived through what she refers to as `The Glorious Pacific Triangle` between New Zealand, Australia and Bali, before settling down in Auckland in 2015.

She has a knak for identifying those curly details (the Devil is in the details she is often heard saying) and is constantly searching for ways to optimize things.
She firmly believes that small smart changes can have big impacts.

In 2020, she is stepping back from full-time development to include consultancy and to share her knowledge with others with the hopes that her expertise will help contribute to paving the way to a more accessible web.

Julius outside in a forest dressed in a suit

Julius Serrano

Digital Accessibility Consultant

Julius started his journey in accessible technology in 2000 when he discovered the wonder of screen reading software. Now, he is a consultant and trainer helping make the Internet a more accessible and inclusive place. 

Julius has conducted accessibility training and workshops in New Zealand and several countries in Asia. He has trained hundreds of people on web accessibility and assistive technology. Attendees are treated to a combination of education, inspiration, and his unique sense of humour. 

As an accessibility consultant, Julius has performed testing and audits for Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Electoral Commission, Department of Conservation, NZ Transport Agency, Christchurch City Council and many others. He enables his clients to experience the joy and fulfilment of knowing that their content can be accessed by all regardless of ability. Julius feels blessed to help improve online accessibility – being a person who is totally blind himself.

Outside accessibility, Julius does copywriting. He helps businesses create magnetic and engaging sales messages. He is also a huge fan of personal and professional development and is a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). And being passionate about public speaking, Julius often can be seen creating live videos about business and personal growth on Facebook and YouTube.  

As much as he loves being an accessibility advocate, Julius is first and foremost a husband and a father. When he’s not working on accessibility or creating personal growth content, Julius enjoys most of his time with his wife Minnie and their two children in one of the peaceful suburbs in Wellington. 

Katherine smiling

Katherine Baker


Katherine has been working in administration, accounts and HR for the past – well always really.

Growing up in Australia she moved here with her family in 1999 to be closer to her parents and wider family. She worked for Terrace Downs Resort for 14 years starting as the accounts administrator and was appointed GM just prior to when COVID hit and the Resort went into hibernation and was sold. Managing the staff and Resort through that period was challenging and unprecedented. She has stepped away from hospitality however firmly believes in working closely with the team and clients is the only way to achieve success.

Katherine is very much looking forward to working with Chandra, Ross and the rest of the team that is doing such important work and making a real difference in people’s lives, there is a lot to learn!

Ross in his happy place - a commercial kitchen

Ross Harrison

Operations Manager

Ross has been working in operations, logistics and business management for the last 20 years. He has owned his own hospitality-based business and worked for a diverse range of businesses across New Zealand and Australia. Most recently, Ross has been working for a multinational providing logistical support to NZDF at Burnham Military Camp in Canterbury.

Holding qualifications in Business Management and Computer Science, Ross has finally taken the leap to join Access Advisors and bring to fruition the long-term dream of siblings working together. He thrives in a customer service environment and enjoys the challenge of building structure and administrative systems to allow the team he is working with to work their magic…

Heidi smiling

Heidi Taylor

Junior Accessibility Consultant


Heidi joined Access Advisors in March 2022 as a Junior Accessibility Advisor to help our growing company refine some of our processes and to learn more about accessibility services. Heidi brings a unique perspective on assistive tech and web design to our team having grown up with a father, uncle, cousin, and a huge number of family friends who are blind, a brother who is dyslexic and a friend who uses a wheelchair. Over the years she often had to help her dad navigate through an inaccessible website, app, or form. She believes that these things don’t need to be inaccessible and are most likely inaccessible due to a lack of understanding of basic accessibility practices.

Heidi joined Access Advisors to work for a company that makes a difference, that brings awareness about accessibility and helps other organisations solve their accessibility problems. Heidi says her BE in Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering was primarily because she loved robotics at high school, but now hopes to put it to good use in accessibility. Heidi is married to her high school sweetheart, Henry, and lives in Wellington.

Eden le Comte

Accessibility App Developer

Eden is passionate about technology and the all the creative opportunities there are to explore. He thrives on delivering solutions that have a real impact on people. Eden is also a crack app developer with several successful drinking game apps to his name, and some more serious ones as well, and can rustle up an app in no time at all.


The Pooch

Winnie is responsible for workplace wellbeing for Access Advisors. She encourages yoga practice with her perfect ‘downward dog’ pose and ergonomic work-break reminders for the office by bringing balls to be thrown on a regular basis. Winnie is highly motivated by food and belly rubs.

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