TechWeek Partner News

Access Advisors Partners with Techweek and we all win As part of that commitment to supporting an increased awareness,...

March 2020 Update

Now that we have settled in for the next few weeks, we wanted to let you know that Access Advisors is still here to...



Clearing Our Way Guide

  Copyright Blind Low Vision NZ hopes that by sharing this resource, the built and digital environment will...

The Problem with Hands

The other day I was chatting with a colleague who is left-handed, and with my recent broken wrist, we shared some...



Access Advisors in the Media

Chandra's face and shoulders, she looks relaxed and is smiling

5 minutes with… Dr Chandra Harrison – Design Assembly

DA spoke with Access advisor, UX researcher and designer Dr Chandra Harrison about universal design, accessibility and what the design community can do to ensure their work is more inclusive. She is the Managing Director of Digital Accessibility for Access Advisors, an initiative of Blind and Low Vision NZ, helping organisations understand and implement digital accessibility. …

A phone in dark mode opened to show a variety of social media app icons.

Campaign to make pictures accessible for the visually impaired

Social media is no longer just about writing down your feelings, photos are often the main form of communication these days – thanks in large part to Instagram and Snap Chat. 

But what about those who can’t see these pictures, how do they get involved? …

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