Our services are tailored to your business needs. We develop solutions with you that are specific to your organisation’s goals. We help you to ensure that accessibility is built into everything you do.



We offer reviews of your digital accessibility and produce a report tailored to meet your specific accessibility goals. Reviews can be done at various stages of the product life cycle. Assessments can cover guideline compliance, performance against best practise and conformance with your own organisation’s policies.


Discovery activities help teams fully understand the users and their needs. Research can help generate requirements from the beginning. Access Advisors can provide researchers to help you gather the information and we have a Research Panel of people with access needs who want to improve digital accessibility.


Getting accessibility right from the beginning helps to increase compliance. Access Advisors works with designers to help them understand the access needs and design accessible solutions from conceptual designs right through to the finished product.


If you are building a new website, or making improvements to an old site, we can work with your developers to ensure all your digital offerings are accessible. We also have expert developers who can help answer specific questions about tricky problems to solve.


Prior to product delivery we help test compliance with standards and acceptance criteria, identify any major blockers and enhancements for future iterations. We can work with testers to create test plans.

Usability Testing

Our researchers can conduct usability testing with a particular focus. We have a Research panel with access needs for usability testing of your products as early and as often as you need to meet your project’s requirements.


Our training packages can be as bespoke as you need, ranging from a few hours to two days. We cover everything from assistive technology to WAI-ARIA coding. We work with clients to develop plans to deliver an accessible workplace, and to deliver on those plans.

Research Participants

As part of our work, we often recommend that customers do discovery or research, and test their products, with people who have access needs, not just with automated code checkers. We have a Research Panel of people with access needs who want to improve digital accessibility. Our panel are all keen to be part of the solution and provide first-hand insight.

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