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We personalise all our services to meet your needs and your budget. We take time to learn about your motivation, your timelines and your team. We can scale our services to suit your requirements and are happy to discuss details before final decisions are made.

Digital Assessments

Chris demonstrating his tech to Chris

Assess your level of accessibility against the industry standard WCAG 2.1 (or 2.2) with an independent digital assessment.

Our digital assessments show how well you are doing and identify what is needed to improve. 

The supporting documentation gives you the tools to start making those improvements.

Iterative Guidance

Coloured pencils

Weaving accessibility into the design process right from the start will help avoid expensive reworking later. If accessibility is checked at each major mile stone then there should be no major surprises at the end. This saves money and makes a better product.

Flexible Support

Kathy giving support on a headset phone

One of the biggest blockers to accessibility success is implementing the fixes identified in assessments. To help you avoid that, once the issues have been identified, we can support you with implementation.

Usability Testing

A persons hand doing some usability testing with a magnifier

Our researchers can conduct usability testing with a particular focus. We have a Research panel with access needs for usability testing of your products as early and as often as you need to meet your project’s requirements.

Upskill Teams

Chris demonstrating his screen reader to a group of people

Training your teams in accessibility - builds empowerment and issue ownership. We offer a variety of courses for every part of the development lifecycle. These can all be tailored to your specific needs. 

Recruit Participants

Julius Serrano doing some testing on an iPhone using VoiceOver

As part of our work, we often recommend that customers do discovery or research, and test their products, with people who have access needs, not just with automated code checkers. We have a Research Panel of people with access needs who want to improve digital accessibility. Our panel are all keen to be part of the solution and provide first-hand insight.

Raise Awareness

Chandra And Ross raising awareness at Pathways Conference

One of our key drivers at Access Advisors is to raise awareness of accessibility and access needs across the motu (country).  Watching someone struggle with the interface that you have crafted can be one of the most confronting things in interface design. But it can also be one of the most powerful motivators for change.

User Insight

Arthur with his glasses checking on mobile

Discovery activities help teams fully understand the users and their needs. Upfront research with people with disabilities can help generate interesting and innovative user requirements from the beginning.

Strategic Change

Two women smiling over a shared moment on a mobile phone

We help companies once they have made a commitment to implement accessibility into their business. We help companies navigate the ‘disability’ space, helping identify opportunities and providing advice. Advice can be part of an existing programme of work or separate.