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Upskill Teams

Upskill Teams

Your team needs to know more than what they have read, researched or just discovered. So, our training courses are designed to build their knowledge, skills and empower them to keep building on the essentials we provide them.

We intentionally keep people at the heart of each session, using real life stories and examples to keep the content real and bring the examples to life.  We provide the necessary detail to help your team apply our learning material to day-to-day situations they have experienced. 

At its core our accessibility training focuses on human centred, inclusive and universal design while providing the prerequisite knowledge of access needs, assistive technology, and digital solutions.  We cannot make your team into experts in a few sessions, but we will surely point them in the right direction and provide the tools for their accessibility journey.

We will tailor our training options to meet your requirements, to find out what we can do for you, get in touch.  To find out more about our training options and how we can tailor them for you, get in touch.

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Some of Our Popular Training Courses 

Introduction to Digital Accessibility

Presents the core concepts of digital accessibility, access needs and assistive technology.  The course builds awareness of builds awareness of different access needs using examples and stories of real people in day-to-day situations.  

Designed for anyone and everyone needing to understand what accessibility is and why it is important 

Business Essentials

Targeted for business leadership, project managers, business analysts, product owners and anyone else needing to know how digital accessibility can affect projects, websites and mobile applications.

Designed to provide understanding of the impact accessibility, or the lack of it, can have on your business, projects and products.

Accessible Content

This course explores the impact of macro and micro content on a product and what difference it can make between a usable and unusable offering.

This course is designed to focus on how to write content for people with language processing issues (including those with dyslexia), English as a second language and other cognitive limitations. 

Accessible Social Media

Illustrates how to make your social media and marketing emails accessible to more of your intended audience.  The course explores how to maximise your chosen social media channels for accessibility. 

This course is focused on content, marketing and design teams needing to optimise social media and email communication with your targeted audience.

Design for Accessibility

Introduces the fundamental design tools, habits and processes that are required to integrate accessibility into all your design activities (from wireframes through to completed UI).

This course is designed to help UX, UI and other design professionals understand the why and to how to create accessible, usable and functional design without compromising the beautiful. 

Developing for Accessibility

Developing an accessible product involves more than knowing about semantic HTML, ARIA and the accessibility tree - but they are definitely great places to start.

This course focuses on writing robust code using best practice and the creation of accessible interfaces by ensuring the development team are aware of the what and knowing the how.

Testing Accessibility

Using a pragmatic approach, this course illustrates the testing processes employed by Access Advisors.

This course is ideal for developers, testers and anyone testing accessibility in any way.  The toolset and techniques provided can be utilised immediately.

Screen Reader Testing for Accessibility

Our expert native screen reader user will guide you through the world of screen readers from his unique perspective.

This course is a must for developers, testers and anyone wanting to learn how a screen reader is actually used in the real world

Mobile Accessibility

The combined knowledge of our team has allowed us to develop this course.  We introduce concepts around mobile design and development and illustrates how WCAG can also be applied when developing mobile solutions.

This course covers both iOS, Android, explores VoiceOver and Talkback and explores the depths of device settings.

User Research with Disabled Panelists

Understand the differences (and similarities) between mainstream and accessibility research as Chandra who has twenty plus years of research experience around the world takes you through the accessibility research process.

This course will help you understand the who, why, where and when of user research that includes people with lived experience of disability and assistive technology.

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