About Us

Access Advisors is a leading New Zealand owned and operated digital accessibility consultancy. Access Advisors was initiated by Blind Low Vision NZ (BLVNZ) in July 2017. Our goal is to help make New Zealand a more digitally inclusive place. Making products and services more accessible will make it easier for people with access needs to do the things others take for granted. Access Advisors wants to help so that disabled people can enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else.

Current Clients range from mainstream banks to government departments, with a little bit of agriculture, retail and politics thrown in for good measure. We explore websites, apps and other digital experiences to discover, design, develop and deliver digital solutions that comply with best practice and guidelines. We are also on the Government Web Services Panel.

Other Services include requirements gathering, reviews and remediation as well as supporting and upskilling delivery staff. We help companies embed accessibility into everything they do with process and strategy work. We promote accessibility maturity by supporting companies to integrate accessible processes, training, procurement and strategy.

We also work with people with access needs to help our clients understand the real cost of digital exclusion. People from our Research Panel can help clients by participating in research activities and demo days. We believe that people with access needs deserve to be included in the design process.

In January 2020 Access Advisors became a privately-owned social enterprise and is now growing rapidly. Still partnered with BLVNZ, Access Advisors is now an independent, nationwide, pan-disability consultancy with a talented Team who have many years of experience. We are also digitally nomadic, with staff working remotely and throughout New Zealand as client needs dictate.

Access Advisors is now a Social Enterprise, with up to 15% of our revenue going to BLVNZ.  We work with a variety of other organisations who also aim to improve accessibility for people with access needs. These Partners share a vision to support people with access needs.

If you are interested in being part of the Research Panel, or using the service, Contact Access Advisors.

Access Advisors Timeline

Early 2017

A growing need was identified in the market for accessibility services in New Zealand

July 2017

Blind and Low Vision NZ (formerly Blind Foundation) created Access Advisors to address the need

Late 2017

Became an approved supplier for the NZ Government Web Services Panel

2018 – 2019

Delivering quality services to New Zealand business

January 2020

Accessibility Consultant Dr Chandra Harrison purchased Access Advisors

Join Us

Access Advisors is always interested to hear from talented professionals who might want to join us, even if we are not actively recruiting. Check out our Digital Accessibility Specialist job description to see if you might be interested.


Our Research Panel of people with access needs includes people from all over New Zealand who want to be involved in improving digital products. Access Advisors is always looking for more people with digital access needs to become a Research panel participant. If you are interested in being part of the Research Panel, or using the service, then Contact Access Advisors.


Access Advisors remains connected to BLVNZ and works with other organisations who also aim to improve accessibility for people with access needs. We share support, guidance and a belief in a more digitally inclusive world.

Our current partners are:

Blind Low Vision NZ logo - Formerly Blind Foundation
Accessibiility Tick logo - Committed to Accessibility
Vision Australia logo - Blindness, Low Vision, Opportunity
Access Matters - The Access Alliance - Logo
Kia tū tahi tātou - NZDSN New Zealand Disability Support Network - Logo
Logo for NZ Tech. Shows several colourful hexagons in various sizes to the left, one tiny purple one at the top, dark blue below, it, below that a lighter blue one, a lime green on top of that one, and a deep violet one under the green one below it. To the right it says NZ in green font, and Tech in blue font.

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