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Access Advisors is a leading New Zealand owned and operated digital accessibility consultancy. Our goal is to help make New Zealand a more digitally inclusive place. Making products and services more accessible will make it easier for people with access needs to do the things others take for granted. Access Advisors wants to help so that disabled people can enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else.

Our mission to help businesses across Aotearoa be more digitally accessible for all, by raising awareness of access needs and removing barriers in interface design.

Our Pillars

The four pillars that keep us aloft are that we are:

1. Commercially aware

We help unlock business benefits by helping to weave accessibility into business processes from start to end. We understand business realities and the need to be pragmatic about finding the right solutions.

2. Capable

Our consultants are experts in digital accessibility and at least one other area of digital product development. Our team has industry experience, and lived experience, around the world, supported by theoretical knowledge.

3. Connected

Our Research Panel of people with access needs helps businesses connect with the real needs of people. We help connect and amplify the voice of people in disability groups across Aotearoa, so they can be heard.

And maybe most importantly we are

4. Caring

Doing the right thing for all people is at the heart of all that we do, most especially people who rely on technology.  We help raise awareness of digital accessibility / access needs in Aotearoa because it is the right thing to do.