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Our blogs are on topics that make us think about how an accessible world might be different, or how an inaccessible world impacts on our lives. Have a read and let us know your thoughts.

Our Latest Blog Posts

images of overlay icons displayed in grid

Accessibility Overlays: Making it better or hiding the underlying issues

To me the simplest definition of web accessibility is that EVERYONE should have the same opportunity to access information and services …
Heidi holding a Braille Note device

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology plays a huge part in supporting disabled people’s presence, participation, and achievement in many different ways. …
Katherine and Kirsten sharing a laptop screen

Collaboration is the key

All of these accessibility service providers have similar values, provide complementary services and are also aiming to help create a mo…
Pair of reading glasses resting on top of a stack of documents.

Five Top Things to Consider for Your Accessibility Statement

An accessibility statement is one of the most important pages on your website. It outlines how your company or agency is committed to ma…
A pair of hands type on a laptop keyboard.

Ten tips for better accessibility

To help make your website accessible for as many people as possible, it is important to design, code and test the website properly. The …
Sign with a locked icon held up blocking the view of a person's face

Alternative Text – What Is It, How Can It Be Done Better and…

There is a saying made famous by Henrik Ibsen…that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it is widely accepted as meaning that compl…
Helen Keller smelling a rose

Helen Keller’s visit to NZ: A childhood memory

Helen Keller, was born 27 June 1880 and died 1st June 1968. She was the author of twelve books, a disability rights advocate, political …
A large collection of spoons of different sizes and finishes are displayed in an unrolled black fabric roll bag.

Spoon theory: Employing diverse workers

During a chat with a dear and valued client the other day I realised that I am extremely fortunate to work in this industry and work wit…
Chandra in hospital bed, her bandaged arm rests on a pillow, as a nurse is checking the arm.

Are you Disabled?

Lately I’ve been wondering about whether I am disabled and wondering how anyone knows if anyone else is disabled.
Te reo Māori language logo. Kia kaha te reo Māori

Making te reo Māori accessible

One of the most amazing things about Aotearoa is the variety and richness of culture we have here. You can see our biculturalism becomin…
A path winds its way up a blue mountain ending at an orange flag on the highest peak.

Clearing Our Way Guide

The purpose of this resource is to encourage people involved in design to think before they proceed with plans because it is far more co…
A young man sitting on a large piece of drift wood, looking out over the ocean.

Accessibility in Aotearoa

While anecdotally we know that web accessibility in New Zealand can be poor, there has been no local data to quantify how big the proble…
Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. A woman illuminated by blue light rubs her shoulder.

Today is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day – Britta’s Story

Today is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and our very own Britta Offergeld has kindly agreed to share her story with this painful condition. …
Smart phone held in left hand

The Problem with Hands

Considering the ‘problem’ with hands seems like a great way to explore the difference between permanent, temporary and situational acces…
Chandra shows off her broken wrist in its bright red cast.

When Assistive Tech isn’t that Accessible

I started on a journey to learn to use Dragon speech input software, properly. What I’ve learned is that accessing assistive tech can pr…