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Digital Assessments

Digital Assessments


Independent digital accessibility assessments of your products are useful when you want to:

  • Ensure your digital products can be used by everyone
  • Set a baseline/benchmark of the current level of accessibility
  • Identify areas where improvements can be made immediately
  • Identify areas where specific attention needs to be paid in the longer term
  • Gauge the level of compliance of your existing product against standards
  • See how well you are doing and identify what is required for you to improve.


Digital assessments should start as soon as you think about accessibility, and can be done at most stages of a product's lifecycle. Most assessments can be turned around in 2-6 weeks. Assessments can be done on most digital products, including mobile and web applications, websites, software and many other types of interfaces.  


Digital Assessments use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2. The team use a variety of assistive technology, access tools, manual and visual checks to identify access issues. They also apply best practise based on many years of experience, to ensure the highest level of accessibility for all users. Assessments are team-based and then peer reviewed.


After an assessment, your organisation typically receives:

  • An xls issue log report with:
    • A prioritised list of issues found
    • Where they are and what they look like
    • The impact they have for your users
    • The most relevant WCAG guidelines
    • Recommendations on what you can do to fix the problems.
  • WCAG 2.2 compliance matrix (if required)
  • Resources around specific issues that are identified
  • An interactive presentation of the findings, where you will:
    • Hear what you are doing well
    • See the issues demonstrated (where possible)
    • Have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss solutions
    • Receive recommendations for next steps
  • Video and slides from the presentation.

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