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Flexible Support

Flexible Support

The right support as and when you need it to help remediate and implement change

One of the biggest blockers to accessibility success is implementing the fixes identified in assessments.

To help you avoid that, once the issues have been identified, we can support you with implementation.

If you are building a new website, or making improvements to an old site, we can work with your designers and developers and product owners to ensure all your digital offerings are accessible.

We also have expert developers who can help answer specific questions about tricky problems to solve. We can help with:

  • Answering specific questions or resolving problems – general or at code level
  • Step by step support and guidance to remediate accessibility issues
  • Working with your development team on remediation projects – helping upskill
  • Providing hands on accessibility coding to ensure a high level of access

To find out more about how we can provide you with flexible support, Contact us for a chat.