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Strategic Change

Strategic Change

Advice and services to embed digital accessibility into your business

We help companies once they have made a commitment to implement accessibility into their business. We help companies navigate the ‘disability’ space, helping identify opportunities and providing advice. Advice can be part of an existing programme of work or separate.

Using establish models of accessibility maturity from accessibility leaders such as IAAP and W3C we support you to integrate accessibility into your business through helping you update processes and policies.

We can also provide guidance on how to implement changes such as:

  • Writing your own digital accessibility charter
  • Writing accessibility statements for your website
  • Initiating or cultivating a digital accessibility guild.

As well as our other specific services for strategic change, we can also consult on things such as:

  • The work being done by G3ICT / Smart Cities / IAAP
  • Content strategy and Information Architecture for diversity
  • Introductions to disabled communities, our partners and services
  • Anything else in the digital disability space.

To find out more about how we can help you implement strategic change, get in touch.

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