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Iterative Guidance

Iterative Guidance

Weave accessibility into the process early

Getting accessibility right from the beginning helps to increase compliance and user experience. Weaving accessibility thinking into the process right from the beginning means that it is not left to the last minute before launch. It will also help avoid expensive reworking later

Access Advisors works with product teams to help them understand the access needs and design accessible solutions from conceptual designs right through to the finished product.

We incorporate a variety of assessment touch points throughout the product development to assess the design and challenge the thoughts. This allows us to help identify potential access issues early so that you avoid unnecessary and expensive rework. 

Ideally, we assess:

  • requirements - to ensure accessibility is considered from the start
  • concept designs - to identify any initial pitfalls
  • wireframes - usually in figma
  • and the coded solution - usually in UAT.

Each assessment is light touch and collaborative, working with the team to identify solutions to any potential issues. If we are involved early and often then none of the steps should slow down development.

You receive pragmatic, practical and business centred advice to help achieve a truly human centred solution. To find out more about our iterative design advice and how it can help you, get in touch.

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