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UX Meetup: Including people with access needs in user research

Event Details

Date: 15 February 2024
Time: 5:00PM to 7:00PM


Made Curious, 100 Carlyle Street, Christchurch

Most good UX professionals would hopefully agree that the best designs are based on solid user research. They'd also hopefully agree that the user research should include a representative sample of the population.

So, if at least one quarter of the population in New Zealand has a permanent access need (yes that is right, 24%), then why aren't we including more people with access needs in user research?

In this session Chandra will discuss

  • why a disability perspective in both formative and evaluative research is so vital
  • who should or could we include in research activities to get a useful disability perspective
  • where do we find these mystical people
  • how to accommodate certain needs during research
  • when can disabled people be involved in research activities

To attend via zoom visit the Meetup website

red and yellow tile with the words UX CHCH presents Dr Chandra Harrison Including people with access needs in user research