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TechWeek2021: Access Needs – Day Three: Physical

Event Details

Date: 26 May 2021
Time: 2:00PM to 3:00PM


Hosted by Access Advisors




Technology relies heavily on us having two hands that work without pain to interact with the interface. Without full and unencumbered use of those two hands, interacting with technology can be difficult. Physical impairment that can cause problems range from painful arthritis to only having one arm. Physical access needs may be due to tremors, pain or paralysis.

Around 13% of people in NZ have permanent physical disabilities, the number increases in likelihood with age. Almost half of physical disabilities that were received from an injury were received on a job. There are also many people who experience chronic pain when using a keyboard or mouse. Temporary physical impairments might include dominant hand injuries and situational impairments might be only being able to operate your phone one handed. While it is impossible to compare, if you’ve ever broken your dominant arm and tried to do up the fly on your jeans one handed, you have a tiny inkling of what it is like to have a physical impairment.

The impact of a physical impairment on technology use ranges from struggling to use a mouse and relying on a keyboard, to being blocked from using a website because it won’t support the assistive technology being used. Providing better access to the Internet for people with physical access needs typically relates to ensuring that the all aspects of the website can be operated using just a keyboard and reducing the amount of input/clicks/tabs required.

Learning outcomes

In this session you will:

    •   Learn more about having a physical impairment
    •   Hear about the impact of physical impairment on technology use
    •   Have a demonstration of assistive technology for accessing the Internet and apps
    •   Identify some design and development considerations

With gratitude

Access Advisors would like to thank the Access Alliance and Accessibility Tick for their support in putting these webinars together.

Sign up now and look for our other webinars this week focusing on all different kinds of access needs for a more complete idea of how to create an inclusive digital experience!


26 May 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Online Event


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