Our services

Our services are tailored to your business needs. We will develop solutions with you that are specific to your organisation’s goals around supporting disabled staff and reaching disabled customers. We help ensure that accessibility is built into what you do.

Accessible by design

We help you to integrate accessibility into new infrastructure and processes. We work with your architects, engineers, designers, developers, and managers to ensure that as you deliver, accessibility is built-in.

Our infrastructure support extends to software infrastructure, ensuring that as your software is updated the needs of disabled employees are addressed early.

Web accessibility

We assess the accessibility of your existing website and social media sites and make recommendations for improving them. We can work with your developers if you are building a new website to ensure it is born accessible.

Accessibility assessments

We can do a full review of your organisation’s accessibility and produce a report tailored to meet your accessibility goals. Assessments may cover disability legislation compliance, performance against best practise and conformance with your own organisation’s policies.

Accessibility training

Our training covers four areas:

  1. Training managers and trainers in how to manage disability issues in the workplace.
  2. Individual training for disabled people in how to work effectively in your workplace.
  3. Disability awareness training for staff (focused around accessibility issues)
  4. Training engineers, architects and designers so they design with accessibility in mind.

Developing and implementing accessibility plans

We can work with you to develop plans to deliver an accessible workplace, and to deliver on those plans.

Individual accessibility support

Our disability experts can work with individual employees to resolve specific issues, including technology updates. We bring in experts from other disability support organisations as needed.

Accessible user experience

We can arrange people with disabilities to test the usability of your infrastructure including physical environment and web presence