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TechWeek Partner News

We are thrilled to announce that Access Advisors is the Accessibility Partner for Techweek 2021 Connecting for a Better Future.

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Access Advisors Partners with Techweek and we all win

As part of that commitment to supporting an increased awareness, we are thrilled to announce that Access Advisors is the Accessibility Partner for Techweek 2021 Connecting for a Better Future. The organisers have not previously considered accessibility, so this is a huge win. We’d love you to help us show how much this means by getting involved however you can. 

We’re providing guidance to Techweek organisers to lift their understand of access and encourage them to improve accessibility. It’s not easy task as they already have so many wheels in motion, but we are hoping there will be some changes made, if not this year then next.

We’ve helped them create an Accessibility Statement, offered some blogs full of top tips and we’ll also be offering a series of events. You can find details for each of these things below. We hope you’ll check them out.

An Accessibility Statement is a great step

Our partnership with Techweek is one way we can help build digital accessibility in Aotearoa. One of the cornerstones of our business is that we care about people, and we strive to advocate for better accessibility for all Kiwis as we work with businesses across Aotearoa. We help them remove barriers and increase awareness of accessibility and access needs. We’re delighted to do this with Techweek. You can read Techweek’s new Accessibility Statement here. 

Access Advisors Webinars not to be missed

During Techweek 2021, Access Advisors is hosting a series of webinars to help highlight various access needs. We’re bringing the conversation to the wider public in a series of one hour online webinars (May 24-28, 2021 at 2:00pm). Each day we will cover a different topic. Sign up now to secure your place in these sessions. 

In each hour-long session, you will learn about: 

  • Specific access needs associated with the topic 
  • The impact of that impairment on technology use 
  • Assistive technology used for accessing websites and apps 
  • Some design and development considerations. 

Gain top tips for more accessible events

Finally, if you’d like information that you can share to help open up digital accessibility, then we’re pleased to offer some top tips through Techweek.  

  • Tips for Virtual Events
  • Captioning and New Zealand Sign Language

Techweek is an independent platform where individuals and organisations can showcase their unique and inspiring innovation stories. We hope to see you there.

Dr Chandra Harris

Access Advisors