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Impact of Access Needs Day Four: Hearing and Vestibular

30 July 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Talking Hearing and Vestibular - Access Advisors TechWeek2020

Event description

Access Advisors is hosting a series of webinars designed to help you learn about the various access needs faced by people in New Zealand.

This webinar, the fourth in the series, will help you learn about hearing and vestibular access needs. After this webinar you will understand more about what makes a more user friendly experience for those who face hearing and vestibular access needs in their day to day life.


Being Deaf is not necessarily considered an impairment or disability by members of the Deaf community. English is often a second language with New Zealand Sign Language being their first language. In NZ we have about 22,000 people who are NZSL users, half of which state that NZSL is their first language.

Hearing impairment also affects up to 35% of men over 65 in New Zealand, often work related. Temporary or situational hearing impairments might be working in a noisy environment, having an ear infection or trying to watch that YouTube video while at work.

Because technology relies heavily on sound to communicate information, the Deaf and hearing impaired can be blocked from accessing information if it is only auditory. The impact of having auditory access needs includes requiring auditory content in written format, having clear and concise language.

People with vestibular issues can become nauseous from too much animation and movement on a screen. This is caused by a problem in the vestibular or inner ear system. These are typically the people who experienced motion sickness and had to sit up front on long bus or car rides. The impact of having vestibular access needs includes ensuing that animations can be turned off and that the design supports the interface when it is turned off.

Learning outcomes

In this session you will learn about:

    • Having an auditory or vestibular access need
    • The impact of an auditory or vestibular impairment on technology use
    • Assistive technology for accessing the Internet and apps
    • Some design and development considerations for hearing and vestibular needs

With gratitude

Access Advisors would like to thank the Access Alliance and Accessibility Tick for their support in putting these webinars together.

Sign up now and look for our other webinars this week focusing on all different kinds of access needs for a more complete idea of how to create an inclusive digital experience!


30 July 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Online Event


Chandra Harrison