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Market Place

Access Advisors is proud to be an approved supplier for the New Zealand Government Market Place for 'User Insight'.

Access Advisors is the trading name of User Research Limited (2015). 

The Market Place is an All-of-Government panel of vendors for developing websites and applications. The Panel provides a range of professional services for government agencies website development.

Vendors on the panel can be engaged quickly and without primary procurement processes. Agencies using WSP no longer have to tender for their outsourced web projects, saving time and money.

If you are from a Government organisation then Contact us for a chat about how we can help.

The benefits of using providers from the Market Place include reduced:

  • Cost and duration of web service development by simplifying requirements gathering, speeding up procurement and reducing the time spent on development.
  • Website management costs across government by using economies of scale and reducing doubling up on compliance costs.
  • Legal costs in establishing contracts. The Market Place procurement uses Statements of Work.
  • Effort to comply with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Mandatory Rules for Procurement by Departments.
  • Wasted investment by encouraging agencies to reuse and share technology and designs already developed by other agencies.