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Bryn Heveldt

Bryn smiling on the beach wearing sunglasses and a striped fedora

Accessibility Developer

Bryn went to Wanganui School of Design in the 90s and went on to work in the animation and design industries in Melbourne and Wellington. The internet soon caught his attention and the natural progression into a web developer evolved.

With this skill set it has seen him work for the likes of Government departments, power companies,  digital agencies and small businesses. 

Bryn is a developer, a designer, an html/css/js specialist and an accessibility advocate. He believes a website or app must be built to be consumed by everybody we care about.

Bryn helps with design reviews, site reviews with a particular focus on the code specific aspects. Bryn can work with your dev team to help come up with solutions to accessibility barriers in the code.He can give solid practical guidance on all things front-end.

He has been working in web development, seo performance, user experience and design up until recently joining the Access Advisors dream team. He brings a unique blend of skills and passion to the team. Outside of work he likes to spend time with the family and razz about the hills on his mountain bike.

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